Photography literally means ‘writing with light’. A photographer is one who writes stories with light – Your stories – Your moments – Your memories. The ability to write these stories in vivid detail is what distinguishes a photographer from someone with a camera. I’d be happy to help you write your stories, record your moments and relive your memories. Light is everything! 1 John 1:5 +JS.

Photo Credit: Tatum Duryba ~ www.papermoonphotography.com

Rev. Jason Schultz is a full time pastor at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. He graduated with distinction from Concordia University College of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 2002 and graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree from Concordia Lutheran Seminary in 2006. He has lived in Oxbow, SK since 2007. Photography has become one of his passions and he has been taking photos for clients since 2010. His work has been published in international photography magazines as well as Canadian publications. He has been involved in many charitable causes using photography as the medium and has also led lighting workshops and individual photography lessons. He has a self-confessed ‘light addiction’ and focuses on making dramatic portraits with both simple and elaborate lighting setups. He is married to his wife Regan and the proud papa of his four children Phoebe, Ethan, Pria & Esther.

~ Pastor. Photographer. Pater Familias ~